Friday, August 10, 2007

How To Make Finnish Paper Star

Here is a more papercraft for you! How to make Finnish paper star in 14 steps, Very interesting papercraft. Enjoy!
If you are interested in crafting a simple yet elegant paper tree or window decoration for Christmas, then this Finnish star is the perfect choice. Within a matter of minutes, you can have one of these created.... and you will notice that you want to make more! This particular star is made with gold paper but you may choose any color you like. The star measures from top to bottom about 25 cm or 10 inches and looks beautiful hanging in the window for the holidays

1. Cross 2 strips of paper exactly centered
over each each and glue in place.

2. Glue 2 strips over the horizontal strip
3mm from the center strip. It is importan
t that all sides are even.

3. Weave 2 horizontal strips on each side of the
center horizontal strip.
These strips cross over the
1st and
3rd strip and are under the middle strip

4. When all strips are in place
it looks like this in the middle..

5. Turn the top right corner to the back so that the
backside of it is facing you. At the same time,turn
the top right horizontal strip also towards the
vertical strip and glue its backside to the backside
of the horizontal strip. See the picture for guidance.

6. This is how it looks from a distance. You may
want or need to use paper clips to hold the strips
together while the glue is drying.

7. Turn the piece clockwise and do
step 5 to each of the next 3 corners

8. When finished, the piece looks like this.
This is now the first half of the star

9. With the remaining 6 strips do the same steps
over again.
You will then have 2 halves that are ready
to be put together.

10. Lay the 2 halves over each other with the
rounded (curved) sides to the inside and each
of the loops are laying over a
strip from the other half.

11. Lay each strip from one star half inside the curved
loop from the other star half.Pull the strip up far enough
so that the corner point of the loop touches the
straight line of the strip.

12. That will cause an overlap that will be cut away
later. Glue
these strips to the loops.

13. Once all of the edges are glued on,
this is how the star looks. The overlaps
now get cut away from each side of
the 8 points.

14. Follow along the point of the curved
loop and cut exactly against this line.
This is how the finished star looks.


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