Thursday, August 9, 2007

7 Scorching Sex Tricks That'll Send Him Through the Roof

Try these seven naughty and totally novel bedroom tactics.

If there's one absolute must-have when it comes to claiming great-in-bed status, it's a signature move -- a completely original carnal maneuver that will make him never want any other woman again. Maybe it's a wrist flick that turns a ho-hum hand job into an award-winning performance. Or an oral-sex trick that locks you in his memory forever. To help inspire you, we found seven frisky femmes whose turn-him-on techniques are so creative they should be trademarked. Then we pumped their boyfriends for the lowdown on how these tactics rate on the sexual Richter scale. (Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.) Read on to learn how to crib these easy-to-master moves -- plus the scoop on how to develop your own!

The Tongue Teaser

"There's this trick I do to Tim's tongue that drives him absolutely out of his mind. It starts with a slow, sensual kiss, during which I slide my tongue in and out of his mouth to build the arousal. Then I slowly pull my tongue back, as if I'm about to stop -- but I lick his lips a little on the way out to entice him into my mouth again. Once his tongue is back inside, I wrap my lips around it entirely and begin to suck, starting with slow, gentle motions, then alternating with faster, harder ones. After a few seconds, I resume our standard -- but still very sexy -- smooch, then I go back to sucking every few minutes. His breathing gets faster, and he starts pulling me as close to him as he can. It's such a suggestive move that I know he's thinking about me going down on more than just his tongue! And the fact that I make him so crazy with desire makes me want to jump him."

Why he flips: "This is such a different way of kissing. As soon as Joanna starts flowing into that gentle rhythm of hers, it's Erection City! All I can think about is how great it feels -- and where I'd really like her mouth to be. Luckily, she's always been able to read me like a book. Just when I can't take the anticipation anymore, she works her way down to ground zero and launches my rocket."

The Sensual Soak

"I know how to turn an ordinary blow job into a supersexy surprise. I remember reading that abrupt temperature changes on guys' sensitive spots can create totally different titillating sensations. So sometimes I keep a glass of cold water by the bed. Then when I'm about to go down on Rob, I pause for a sip, kneel between his legs, tilt my head backward to keep the H2O in the back of my throat, and take him in my mouth. The first time I did this, we were in a dark room, so this came completely out of the blue for him. Rob actually said 'Wow,' which was a first -- he's not a talker. A little bit of water slipped out of my mouth that night, but we were having so much fun that neither of us cared. I got off on his reaction, and I also loved that I was doing things to his body he had never experienced. I felt like I was the ultimate sex partner. This trick is a part of my repertoire now, but I make sure not to overuse it. For me, the excitement comes from taking him -- and his nerve endings -- by surprise!"

Why he flips: "Annie debuted this move with cold water, which immediately sent exhilarating shock waves pulsing through my body. The most unforgettable part is always being able to feel the water warming up inside her mouth as we both get hotter and hotter. It's almost like she's blowing me in a bathtub."

The Rev-Him-Up Rub

"I didn't think it was possible to get Matt any more pumped about doing the deed -- until I came up with this maneuver. When we're dying for him to be inside me and I think I can't get any wetter, I'll stop Matt just as the tip of his penis touches the lips of my vagina. After that, I take his rod in my hands and begin slowly moving it along my clitoris. This motion is perfect for me because I don't usually climax without good clitoral stimulation -- I need lots of firm pressure to get me primed for the main event. And rubbing his penis against me is a fabulous tease for him. By the time I'm ready for him to enter me, I'm so unbelievably turned on that I can't help but have an extra-explosive orgasm. And he always tells me that the feeling of finally being inside of me is so much more intense when I make him wait."

Why he flips: "It's a real kick to look up at Rachel and see just a hint of a smile -- I can tell that she's loving every minute of taunting me. She introduced me to this our first time in the sack, so I'll admit that I was a little frustrated wondering whether we were ever going to have actual intercourse. But now that I know she's just playing with me -- and getting me so psyched, I feel like I'll pop -- how could I not love this move?"

The Rock-Him Hula

"I have a way of making me-on-top sex extra-spectacular for both of us. I straddle Leon, planting my feet flat on either side of his hips so that my breasts are squeezed between my knees. Then I begin rocking my butt, keeping him in me the whole time. Whenever he's on the bottom, I can control how deep he penetrates and at what angle. But when I anchor my feet on either side of him rather than just kneeling, I get even better leverage and can position my body so he's directly hitting my G-spot, which means bigger orgasms for me. I also love this position because I can watch him lying underneath me squirming with pleasure and see his penis sliding in and out of me. It feels almost pornographic!"

Why he flips: "If this move doesn't show off Maria's incredibly erotic imagination, I don't know what does. She takes a common position (her on top) and turns it into something insanely erotic. A huge part of it is the view. She looks really powerful; I can see her luscious inner thighs and everything between them. And I love her take-charge attitude. The way she presses herself against me to make sure she'll get off takes me right over the edge!"

The Scrotum Stroke

"This is an oral-sex move that keeps things interesting for me -- and extremely pleasurable for Jeff. As I'm going down on him, I lightly graze my fingernails over his scrotum and the crease between his thigh and groin. For the first few seconds, I barely touch him, then as he gets used to the sensation -- and his penis gets harder -- I apply more pressure (never scratching!), running the smooth tops of my nails forward and back. I also make sure to give tons of attention to his penis, skimming around the base and moving up the shaft whenever he's not in my mouth. Sometimes I'll squeeze his sack just as he's about to climax. That puts him over the top! I think most women are scared to use their nails down there, so realizing how effective mine are was like discovering a new sex tool that only I know how to use. And I figure, the more Jeff feels what a little hand accompaniment can do, the more fun I'll have when it's my turn to receive!"

Why he flips: "I'm not big into putting anything pointy near my boys, but this is a special case. Ally starts off really softly and increases the pressure at just the right speed. There's something dangerous about it -- which can be a turn-on. One misplaced nail could wreak havoc. Fortunately, Ally knows how to do everything right."

The Horizontal Hookup

I usually opt to be on the bottom during sex, but when I want to mix things up, I'll flip Kevin over onto his back and lie facedown on top of him so that every part of our bodies are touching. My legs -- which are nearly closed -- are stretched straight back, resting directly on his legs. Then I grasp his hands above his head -- laying my elbows on top of his -- and use the leverage to push myself back and forth. Keeping my thighs closed gives us an entirely different sensation than the old legs-spread in-and-out. I'm so much tighter, I feel like I'm involuntarily Kegeling. But there are more than just physical perks. Kevin and I have been dating for a while. Maintaining full body contact and looking into each other's eyes, which are only inches apart, is incredibly intimate. Maybe we can't go at it full throttle, but tapping into the emotional side of sex brings it to a different level. This move supercharges me so that every physical sensation feels magnified."

Why he flips: "This technique tops everything she's ever done. When we're sandwiched together like this, with her breasts on top of my chest and her arms holding mine down on the bed, I can hardly keep myself from coming. She starts sliding up and down against my body, and I feel like I'm melting into her. There's an added bonus: Since she's not straddling me, she feels so incredibly tight around my penis that it's the most erotic feeling ever!"

The Hip Lift

"When my boyfriend and I are going at it with me on top, just as we're developing some serious momentum I'll lift my hips without warning so that his penis comes all the way out of me. Then I'll hover there for a moment or two and bring myself back down so he can enter me again. That first thrust is always the absolute best and lets us feel the intensity of the initial entry over and over. Those few seconds when I let him out of me makes us feel like we're at the top of a roller coaster. We know we're going to get a major rush when he's back inside of me pumping away."

Why he flips: "What really drives me insane is the contact between the head of my penis and the wetness between her thighs. After grooving on the joy of being inside of her, I get to go through that incredible entry several times -- if we can last that long. Sarah says that I get a far-off gaze in my eyes like I'm lost in the feeling of it all. No argument here!"

Discover the Erotic Innovator In You

Haven't discovered the erotic innovator in you yet? Don't sweat it. "Anyone can cultivate a signature sex move," says Tracey Cox, author of Hot Sex: How to Do It. "And honing a technique that's uniquely yours will up your in-the-sack self-esteem and make your man worship the very mention of your name." Read on for four tactical tips that'll help you craft a patented passion performance.

Tap into your talents.
Being a good lover isn't too different from being a great athlete: If you want to be a champ, you identify your best skills and capitalize on them. Whether you're superflexible or orally inclined, go with your sexual strong points to discover what move puts his mojo in motion.

Dish the dirt with your girl -- and guy -- friends. Comparing nooky notes with your inner circle -- a la Sex and the City -- may inspire loads of lusty ideas. So ply your pals for their salacious schtupp stories, then add a twist to own it.

Use his bod as your lab.
Just like any other invention, it takes trial and error to come up with a brand-new beguile-him technique. So think out of the box and experiment till you find the formula that makes him chemically combust.

Love your lusty maneuvers.
The more you're into doing something, the more oomph you give it. So if you're ardent about being on top, hop on. Like man-handling? Get those digits moving. In other words, focus on your favorite carnal activities and you're bound to come up with a winner.


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