Thursday, October 25, 2007

Woman caught on supermarket surveillance cam doing soccer tricks with a melon

Dog shows off his moves

Accident caused by out of control sewer

Sunday, October 21, 2007


1.The Millau viaduct
The Millau Viaduct is a large road bridge that spans the valley of the River Tarn near Millau in France. This bridge is constructed by English architect Norman Foster and designed by engineer Michel Virlogeux, it is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world. The tallest is 240 meters high and the overall height will be an impressive 336 meters— slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower and only 38m shorter than the Emire State Building. The Millau viaduct is part of the new E11 expressway connecting Paris and Barcelona . It was formally dedicated on December 3.14, 2004 and opened to traffic two days later.

2.VW Autostadt Car Tower

Volkswagen's Autotürme, or famous-car towers, are distinguishing features of the Autostadt. The transparent cylindrical buildings rise 48 meters or 150 feet above the grounds, and they're linked by a fully automated delivery system to both the Volkswagen factory and the KundenCenter (where VW customers pick up their new cars).
The car towers work like giant vending machines: As a new car arrives from the factory, it's transported by robot to an empty storage slot in one of the towers; when a customer shows up to collect the car, the same robotic picking system fetches the vehicle, brings it down to ground level, and transfers it to the KundenCenter in the next building. Each tower holds up to 400 cars on 20 levels and can process a car every 45 s econds du ring pe ak tim es.

3.First Air Conditioned Bus Station in Dubai

Monday, October 15, 2007

Universal truths

1) Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones.
2) At the end of every party there is always a girl crying.
3) One of the most awkward things that can happen in a pub is when your pint-to-toilet cycle gets synchronised with a complete stranger.
4) You've never quite sure whether it's ok to eat green crisps.
5) Everyone who grew up in the 80's has entered the digits 55378008 into a calculator.
6) Reading when you're drunk is horrible.
7) Sharpening a pencil with a knife makes you feel really manly.
8) You're never quite sure whether it's against the law or not to have a fire in your back garden.
10) Nobody ever dares make cup-a-soup in a bowl.
11) You never know where to look when eating a banana.
12) Its impossible to describe the smell of a wet cat.
13) Prodding a fire with a stick makes you feel manly.
14) Rummaging in an overgrown garden will always turn up a bouncy ball.
15) You always feel a bit scared when stroking horses.
16) Everyone always remembers the day a dog ran into your school.
17) The most embarrassing thing you can do as schoolchild is to call your teacher mum or dad.
18) The smaller the monkey the more it looks like it would kill you at the
first given opportunity.
19) Some days you see lots of people on crutches.
20) Every bloke has at some stage while taking a pee flushed half way through and then raced against the flush.
21) Old women with mobile phones look wrong!
22) Its impossible to look cool whilst picking up a Frisbee.
23) Driving through a tunnel makes you feel excited.
24) You never ever run out of salt.
25) Old ladies can eat more than you think.
26) You can't respect a man who carries a dog.
27) There's no panic like the panic you momentarily feel when you've got your hand or head stuck in something.
28) No one knows the origins of their metal coat hangers.
29) Despite constant warning, you have never met anybody who has had their arm broken by a swan.
30) The most painful household incident is wearing socks and stepping on an upturned plug.
31) People who don't drive slam car doors too hard
32) You've turned into your dad the day you put aside a thin piece of wood
specifically to stir paint with.
33) Everyone had an uncle who tried to steal their nose.
34) Bricks are horrible to carry.
35) In every plate of chips there is a bad chip.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Geographical Facts of the Sexes

Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa; half discovered, half wild,
naturally beautiful with fertile soil.

Between 23 and 30, a woman is like America; well developed and open to
trade, especially for someone with cash.

Between 31 and 35, a woman is like India; very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40, a woman is like France; gently aging but still warm, and a desirable place to visit.

Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain; with a glorious and all conquering past.

Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Yugoslavia; lost the war and haunted by past mistakes.

Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Russia; very wide, and borders are now un-patrolled.

After 70, she becomes Tibet. Wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages.... only those with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge visit there.

Between 1 and 70, a man is like Iran - ruled by a dick

Monday, October 8, 2007

Beautiful HQ Photos of Japan Scenes

Bamboo Forest on Kyoto, Japan

Garden Staircase in Kyoto, Japan

Kintai Bridge, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Cherry Blossoms, Ninna-Ji Temple Grounds, Kyoto, Japan

Grand Gate, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima, Japan

Heian Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan

Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Zao National Park, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

The Sacred Bridge, Daiya River, Nikko, Japan

Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon

Tea Fields, Japan