Friday, December 28, 2007

Top 10 Poop Movie Scenes

1. Dumb & Dumber

dumb and dumber

This is the original 'stimulant-laxative' poop scene in a movie.

Lloyd (Jim Carrey) is jealous that Harry (Jeff Daniels) is going out with the girl he likes. He seeks revenge by spiking Harry's tea with a powerful stimulate laxative right before he goes out on the date. While Harry is picking up his date, he gets the uncontrollable urge to take a dump. He then proceeds to have an Earth-shattering bowel movement in her broken toilet.

2. Along Came Polly

along came polly

Reuben (Ben Stiller) is out on a date with Polly (Jennifer Aniston) at a Thai food restaurant. However, because of his Irritable Bowel Syndrome, he can't handle spicy food. In the middle of the date he starts sweating profusely and feels the urge to go, but he's forced to hold it until they get to Polly's apartment because the restaurant stall is occupied.

Reuben soon discovers that Polly is out of toilet paper. He decides to use a wash cloth hanging above the sink, not knowing that the washcloth was embroidered by Polly's grandmother. Reuben then tries to flush the washcloth down the toilet, but it quickly stops up and overflows. Polly then opens the bathroom door to discover Reuben standing on the edge of the bathtub with his pants still around his ankles, as he aggressively plunges the toilet.

In the classic style of Ben Stiller, this makes for one of the best poop scenes in any movie!

3. American Pie

american pie

The poop scene in American Pie has the common setup. One friend jealous of another friend, so he spikes his drink with a stimulant laxative.

Stiffler is jealous that his date to prom dumped him for Paul Finch, on the account of fake rumors that Finch himself started. Seeking revenge, Stiffler spikes Finch's moccachino with a powerful stimulant laxative, causing Finch to seek refuge in the closest girls restroom.

Finch proceeds to take a long, messy dump that clears out the restroom. He gets busted leaving the restroom by a large group of students. This embarrassing episode ultimately leads to Finch going stag to prom, and hooking up with Stiffler's mom on top of a pool table.

4. Van Wilder

van wilder

The poop scene in Van Wilder begins with Gwen (Tara Reid) spiking her boyfriends drink with a stimulant laxative. Richard proceeds to drink it right before an important test. While he's taking the test, his stomach starts to gurgle and he starts to fart uncontrollably. It becomes a big awkward moment for everyone in the classroom, so Richard quickly leaves in search for a bathroom.

On his way to the bathroom, he runs into some important alumni at the University. They just want to get to know him a little, but he only has his mind on getting to a restroom. Unfortunately for Richard, he can't hold it any longer and ends up pooping in a trashcan, in front of everyone in the room!

5. Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery

austin powers

The poop scene in Austin Powers begins in a Las Vegas Casino bathroom. Austin Powers (Mike Myers) follows one of Dr. Evil's henchmen, appropriately named #2, into the bathroom. Austin Powers can't find #2, but runs into a cowboy from Texas (Tom Arnold). They both go into the bathroom stalls to take a dump. Another Dr. Evil assassin appeared in the wall above Austin Powers, while he is sitting on the toilet. The assassin tries to strangle Austin Powers, but is unsuccessful.

A struggle ensues. Austin Powers starts groaning & grunting. He starts to tap his foot like a senator and asking the assassin "Who Does #2 Work For?" All the while, the Texan is sitting in the stall next to him shouting words of encouragement to Austin Powers - "You show that turd who's boss!"

6. Caddyshack


This is the original poop scene! This is also probably the funniest poop scene that doesn't involve a toilet.

The infamous pool scene. Three kids are sitting on the side of the pool arguing over a Baby Ruth candy bar, when it falls into the pool. The candy bar floats around like a brown torpedo. After a few minutes, a little girl see's the candy bar and starts to scream that somebody pooped in the pool. This causes a quick mass exodus of the pool and a complete sterilization. While they are cleaning the pool of any toxic fecal germs, Bill Murray's character finds the candy bar. He proceeds to tell everyone that "It's ok, it's just a Baby Ruth" and then takes a bite.

7. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

harold and kumar

This poop scene begins with Harold & Kumar hiding in the womans restroom from a pursuing campus security guard. While Harold & Kumar are in the restroom, two girls come in to freshen up. Harold & Kumar end up hiding in one of the bathroom stalls. To their surprise, both girls have to empty their bowels. Harold & Kumar then have to listen to not one, but two girls have gaseous bowel movements at the same time! To make the situation worse, they start playing a unique pooping game.

After a couple of minutes of gagging and holding their breath, Harold & Kumar end up running out of the bathroom in disgust.

8. Not Another Teen Movie

not another teen movie

This is one of the most graphic poop scene's in a movie. It all starts with a smug teacher lecturing the class about why a fart is not funny. Simultaneously, on the floor above, three students are crawling through a ventilation shaft trying to peer into the girls locker room. They discover a girl who is about to pee. These three students seemed overwhelmed with joy, until she lets out a long gaseous fart. She proceeds to have a vicious bowel movement while the three boys watch above.

The weight of the three boys causes the ventilation shaft to come loose, and they fall into the stall below. The impact of them hitting the floor causes all four of them and a messy toilet to fall into the classroom below. As the students fall, the toilet explodes with a constant flow of poo that targets the lecturing teacher. The scene ends with all four students and the teacher in a tangled, poo-filled mess in the front of the classroom.

9. KingPin


The poop scene in Kingpin is really quick. You may miss it if you are not paying attention. It starts off with Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson) talking to Ishmael (Randy Quaid) about life, and how he is inexperienced. Ishmael responds by saying that he can figure things out for himself.

The screen then pans out and you catch a shot of Ishmael taking a dump in the urinal. A very original poop scene, scattered amongst a list of copycats, and that is why Kingpin makes the list for best poop scenes in movies.

10. Friday


There are actually two poop scenes in Friday. The first poop scene comes at the beginning of the movie, when Mr. Jones is sitting on the toilet. He decides he wants to talk to his son, Craig (Ice Cube), about getting fired from his job. So he calls Craig into the bathroom to have a little father/son talk. Of course, most father/son talks don't consist of the dad being naked on the toilet. Most people will remember this poop scene, because of the memorable quote from Mr. Jones - "Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes."

The second poop scene comes when Smokey (Chris Tucker) needs to take a dump, but he's locked out of his house. Mr. Jones won't let him go in his house, so Smokey has no choice, but to hide behind some bushes and do his business. Just then, the local crackhead Ezel comes walking up and catches Smokey taking a dump behind someone's house. He tells Smokey that it's just between them and he won't tell anyone,but then promptly announces to the neighborhood that "Smokey is back here taking a..."

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dog's Nazi salute lands owner in jail for five months

As a dog lover, Hitler would no doubt have been flattered – "Adolf" the part Alsatian mongrel was not only his namesake but also meticulously trained by his Berlin owner to raise his right paw in a Nazi salute every time the command "Heil Hitler!" was uttered.

But in a country where giving the Nazi salute even in jest has been strictly verboten since 1945, Adolf's canine tricks did not amuse the police or the judiciary.
Yesterday his owner, a pensioner named as Roland T, was starting what seemed like a draconian prison term of five months for repeatedly displaying banned Nazi symbols. His pet was dispatched to one of the city's animal homes.

The dog was pictured in newspapers and on Der Spiegel magazine's online site "He is healthy and obedient and we think he will find another owner quickly because he is so famous," she said.

The dog is to be renamed Adi.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Japanese Inventions

DRYER FOR NAILS - Invention #1
After "painting" your nails, simply put the hand below these tiny tubes, and pimp the air with your other hand.

BUTTER IN STICK - Invention #2
equall smear

This umbrella protects from rain and also enables you to collect water in chamber which you can carry around your waist

UMBRELLA TIE - Invention #4
small umbrella which you can easily push in your tie

LIPSTICK MASK - Invention #5
for more punctuality

ARM HOLDER - Invention #6
for resting your arms while walking

FAKE FOOTSTEPS - Invention #7
you can roatate sole for 180


FOR COLD - Invention #9
in every time..


BOOBS FOR DADDIES - Invention #11
for men who wants to nurse his baby

HELMET - Invention #12
for sleeping in metro or train

SHOES FOR CATS - Invention #13

COOLING CAT's FOOD - Invention #14

COOL UMBRELLA! - Invention #15
this one protects whole body


for ladies

FRESH AND CLEAN AIR- Invention #17

CHEW METER - Invention #18

MASK - Invention #20

COMFORT GLASSES - Invention #21

SIT TOWEL - Invention #22


GUARD FOE EAR RINGS - Invention #24

HEAD HOLDER - Invention #25

PERSONAL ALARM - Invention #26

MOBILE GARDEN - Invention #27

GOING ON RIVER SET - Invention #28


FINGER TOOTH BRUSH - Invention #30

CTRL+ALT+DEL - Invention #31

SCRATCHING SHIRT - Invention #32