Sunday, December 9, 2007

Japanese Inventions

DRYER FOR NAILS - Invention #1
After "painting" your nails, simply put the hand below these tiny tubes, and pimp the air with your other hand.

BUTTER IN STICK - Invention #2
equall smear

This umbrella protects from rain and also enables you to collect water in chamber which you can carry around your waist

UMBRELLA TIE - Invention #4
small umbrella which you can easily push in your tie

LIPSTICK MASK - Invention #5
for more punctuality

ARM HOLDER - Invention #6
for resting your arms while walking

FAKE FOOTSTEPS - Invention #7
you can roatate sole for 180


FOR COLD - Invention #9
in every time..


BOOBS FOR DADDIES - Invention #11
for men who wants to nurse his baby

HELMET - Invention #12
for sleeping in metro or train

SHOES FOR CATS - Invention #13

COOLING CAT's FOOD - Invention #14

COOL UMBRELLA! - Invention #15
this one protects whole body


for ladies

FRESH AND CLEAN AIR- Invention #17

CHEW METER - Invention #18

MASK - Invention #20

COMFORT GLASSES - Invention #21

SIT TOWEL - Invention #22


GUARD FOE EAR RINGS - Invention #24

HEAD HOLDER - Invention #25

PERSONAL ALARM - Invention #26

MOBILE GARDEN - Invention #27

GOING ON RIVER SET - Invention #28


FINGER TOOTH BRUSH - Invention #30

CTRL+ALT+DEL - Invention #31

SCRATCHING SHIRT - Invention #32


Anonymous said...

japanese ppl are so funny!

Anonymous said...

thanks alot
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Hekko said...

Ahh those crazy Japanese!! ;-)))

Bit said...

Great and funny :)

szuman said...

very funny :)

العاب بنات said...

Very funny, they have a lot of ideas, I loved the CTRL+ALT+DEL - Invention, this one will help me and save me a lot of time.

Anonymous said...

Those are chinese inventions not japanese

Anonymous said...

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