Monday, November 19, 2007

The Kiss Phone

Looking like an uneasy and rather disturbing fusion of some kind of Fisher Price toy and a curious sexual aid, the Kiss Cell Phone concept from Pro Invention certainly has the distinction of being one of the most bizarre cell phones we’ve ever featured here on TFTS and we can only hazard a guess as to who in their right mind would even vaguely consider pulling one of these out of their pocket during their daily commute.

Coming with a rather prominent pair of lips, the Kiss Phone detects the pressure, temperature and, yes, even the ‘sucking force’ of any kisses delivered to the device which it will then relay to those on the receiving end of your affection – mimicking your kiss exactly (or, at least, as best it can within certain parameters).

Interestingly you can even receive any kisses you may have missed from the device’s ‘kiss bank’ memory and you can even upload your kisses to the internet to share with others.

The mind boggles.

Source: Gizmodo

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